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Recommendation from a married woman... (and more wedding pics)

Make your escort card the same thing as your flickr cards (it ensures everyone gets one), and then hound your friends about posting pictures on flickr!  I printed my escort cards as business cards on Vistaprint (only paid for shipping), the back was blank and there we wrote the guest's name and table number. I even have quite a few left so that I will include them in the thank you cards I send!!!

We've only been married 5 days and already 4 people have posted their pics and video from our wedding weekend. Ok that number includes my pics too, but I'm just so excited to see pics of the day that this has been a life-saver!

The escort card told people to share their pictures and video by uploading them to http://flickr.com/upload and using our username and password (to a paid Pro account). I then sorted all the pictures we've been getting into a "gallery," by event, check them out:


Re: Recommendation from a married woman... (and more wedding pics)

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