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I'm so over this crap..

My wedding is 16 days out... (16 days!) and some people STILL havent RSVP'd or even if they have, they are now up in the air whether they are coming or not.
What the heck?!
By 16 days I would assume you should have a pretty good idea whether or not you are flying to Florida to attend a wedding!! WTH!

Sorry I'm just so annoyed at people that aren't my family and I hate that I just can't call them to find out a freakin answer (they live out of the country).

Thanks for letting me vent. Trust me girls... it doesnt matter how early you send out invitations (I sent mine in November) you still wont hear back from people about whether or not they're coming.

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Re: I'm so over this crap..

  • LOL, mine is 18 days out and I feel for you.
    It doesn't matter how easy you make it for your guests, RSVPs are too difficult for guests to send on time....next time I need RSVPs, I won't waste money on pre-stamped envelopes.  ugh! People....
  • UGH. The dreaded RSVP process. I'm so sorry! Hang in there!

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  • That is sooo annoying... I guess I'll stop complaining about my lack of responses, my people still have time... I will just NEVER understand how you can send a save the date 6 months in advance, then send them a self-addressed and STAMPED envelope, and all they need to do is check yes or no, and it takes them over a month to do this.
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  • good luck girls!!! I feel for you!
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  • I'm so right there with you! Our RSVP date was a month ago and we're still waiting for 20 people to RSVP and they are all people that need to take a flight to our wedding!
  • :\ yeah I'd be p.o.ed too
  • omg im with all of u on this one as well .... even tho my rsvp date isnt here yet ... they still have 3 weeks .... 99% of my wedding is coming from out of town ... i mean who books flights this close to when they are flying!!! ...dont they know prices go up the closer to the date! lolol

    good luck!! hope u get the rsvps back soon!
  • So sorry :( I am not looking forward to this!
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