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One week countdown....

I'm not calling this my last post as a ms because I'm sure I will be posting a lot the next few days.  I'm working 9-10 hours each day for the next three or four days so that I can just put a few hours in on Friday and then get ready for the big day and HM~ I'm getting a calm feeling deep down but my brain is still on scramble mode!!

I cant find the right words to describe the help you all have been.  Planning this wedding for me wasnt the best experience.  I had a lot of family drama involved and very little support or help from the places a bride would normally get that.  But I had you wonderful SF Knotties to get me through it! Your support, vibes and opinions were absolutely invaluable.  And regardless of how my wedding turns out, I'm so very happy to have had the chance to get to know you ladies!  I hope that I've made some lasting connections and cant wait to see how your weddings turn out! I havent been on much the last few days getting last minute details ready and getting the house ready for guests.  But I have tried to catch up on the latest posts and just want to say that I'm happy for all of you new girls on here and hope your SF Knottie experience is as wonderful as mine, to everyone who recently have checks: Yay for checks!!, I'm sending vibes to anyone who needs them and I wish I could invite you all to my wedding!! Thats it for now... its super early... and I have work to do....
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Re: One week countdown....

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