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so I am the worst with technology and in the year and a half I've been on here have never posted a pic for one because I can't figure it out - but since I'm obsessed with my dogs I really want to do this one so can someone help me out with directions?? The more simplified the better - don't think you'll offend me if it's really detailed cause I know I need it. Thank you :) I'm sure it's super easy and I look super lane right now haha
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    FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    Check out Beth's siggy link. She has all sorts of helpful info!!

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    Krysta6Krysta6 member
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    Start with photobucket (that is what I use). If you've never used photobucket you have to make an account. Upload your pictures there. You will probably have to resize them before you copy the code. Once resized copy the HTML code. Click update siggy on the left side of the knot below all the forum stuff. Paste the HTML code before or after your countdown. Click save and check it out. If it has any issues we can help you with it from there. 
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