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MUA question... help!?!

Hi girls,

I have yet to even start look for a MUA or even someone for my hair. A good friend of mine is a make up artist and she's invited to the wedding but I don't know if I should ask her to do a trial with me. Is that risky asking a friend? What if I don't like how she does my makeup? How do you tell someone close that you're gonna go with someone else if that ends up happening?

I'm nervous to even open that can of worms, although I wonder if her feelings are going to be hurt that I don't ask her at all.

Whats a girl to do??

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Re: MUA question... help!?!

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    Maybe you should tell her you have a couple make up ideas & ask her is she can try some out for you so you know what to lask for when looking for in a make up artist. Then if you really like how she does it you can ask her then or if you don't you can politely say that she has helped a lot & now you know what to ask for when you find the make up artist. If you don't like what she does you can always explain to her that you want to keep her as a guest & not make her work on your wedding day. However if she's a sensitive person that may offend easily I would just avoid it all together & go with someone else.
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    How is her makeup for special events? She is a walking advertisement. If her makeup is awesome when she goes to weddings, I'd ask her. If it's mediocre or sucks, I'd go elsewhere. I'd be nervous about doing a trial and then going elsewhere, but if you are confident in her work that you've seen (on herself and her clients) then it's probably a safe bet.
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    I'm in the same boat. A friend of mine offered to do it for free, but I'm just worried that it won't be what I want AND that I won't feel comfortable telling her if she doesn't do what I want. So I'm not even going down that road...
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