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freaking out!!!! only 50 days away!!!

I have so much little things to do!!! And I feel like there are other things I'm over looking. Tell me things I should be doing right now. Things I need

- suggestions for cheap (but ok), last minute undergarments place
- still haven't decided what to do for my hair, or whether to use a veil
- makeup
- seamstress, I still haven't lost any weight!!! I need about 10lbs off!

what else, what else?

damn, bloody play list!!! I don't want to put just my music but FFIL doesn't want to butt in and he knows more about music
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Re: freaking out!!!! only 50 days away!!!

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    42 days here and I'm with you on what is left to do. I have this list so far:
    -dress fitting (but that is this week)
    -meet with vendors to pay off some payments and discuss what we are doing for wedding
    -playlist for DJ
    -marriage license (we are taking care of that not this week, but the next)
    -sew garter
    -buy veil
    -engrave my parents wine glass for our wedding
    -buy wedding bands
    -buy yarmalkes

    and the list goes on and on. But there is a start. HTH.
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    If that's all you have left to do... then you're fine!!! Just start making decisions and GET ON IT!!! DO NOT leave anything til the last week, you'll regret adding that stress!!!

    As for inexpensive undergarments... it depends on where you live.. there's a great place in Coral Springs called The Bra Boutique.

    Seamstress: Alterations by Reina in Pompano Beach (she works MIRACLES!!!).
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    Is Reina the one that every one keeps talking about. I live in south kendall area. Pompano, I dont even know where that is but if she's good and inexpensive then off course I'll try. I need other things, that's just a start. I forgot bands... yea gotta do that!!!
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    DEFINITELY use Reina!! I drove from Jupiter to Pompano just to see her, and it was totally worth it! She's sooo sweet, very reasonable, and knows what she's doing :)

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