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For Sale - Vases, Candy Jars...

Hi Ladies! Past knottie here. Congrats to the newly engaged, those that are still in the planning process and now married! I will be back soon with vendor reviews because I have a few that I would really recommend. They definitely made sure we had a great wedding. We did a lot of our own decorations so I have a few items for sale. I live in the Plantation/Sunrise for pick up or to meet nearby. Send me an email at jmilano15@yahoo.com or on theknot if you're interested.

8 vases 6 in wide by 24 in tall - $100
8 vases 6 in x 20 in tall - $90
We added silver embellishment that I can remove if you'd like. Great for centerpiece or aisle.

Candy Jars.. $200 for all we added the crystals to these and can also take them off if you'd like.
4 tall apothecary jars
2 medium apothecary jars
2 small apothecary jars appx 10-12 inches tall
(all apothecary jars have lids)
2- large trifle bowls
2- small trifle bowls
4- medium bowls
1 - Large brandy glass
2 - old fashion candy jars
Scoops and tongs for each
4 - Shallow stars
4 - shallow hearts


This pic shows most of the jars but a few are cut off. The tree is also available. It has hanging crystals and Hershey kisses. More pics available
I also have 12 dark red long table runners and 12 silver squares for under centerpiece.

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