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negotiation help!

I posted earlier that I'm meeting with a photographer for the first time and wanted some ideas of questions I should ask. (thank you for your answers)
one answer was to negotiate... what should I negotiate on? I'm such a sucker and scared to ask for things.
Would you ask for such things as a free engagement shoot?
a discount on the package price? say 10%?

what are vendors you've negotiated with? and what did you ask for and get?


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Re: negotiation help!

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    First you must understand that negotiating is a very delicate thing to do. You don't go into a five star restaurant and tell them "Well, McDonald's quoted me $x for the salad, what can you do?", you know?

    At the same time, since photographers are for the most part people and not companies, there is wiggle room for negotiating. Make a list of your own priorities (example: album over engagement shoot), and keep those in mind. If the photographer offers a free engagement shoot but you're more into having a kickarse album, tell them "What if we allocate the value of the engagement shoot towards upgrading the album?"

    Always be careful to not under or overestimate a vendor. They're people, like I said, and this is how they make a living, but they're also not reinventing the wheel. I think that as long as you're honest, polite and respectful of their professions, you will be treated nicely and given an accurate pricepoint of their services.

    You have it all in this industry: the $0.8K weekend warrior to Maloman who as far as I'm concerned starts at $4K.

    What brides typically negotiate on is the hours of shooting, if there's a second shooter (keep in mind this is usually a colleague of the photographer's and so the cost of a second shooter will be determined by the second shooter and not your main photographer!), and quantity / quality of album(s).

    Good luck! And if you have any questions (even if it's of names of photographers), let us know!
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    Jen gave great advice... I negotiated with my photog on number of shooting hours, and most of my reductions werent really negotiating but picking apart "packages" and streamlining what I want.  I'm literally getting a CD of touched up shots with all the rights attached and thats all.  I eliminated any ablums, prints etc. that they offered.  I also used photogs with similar levels of experience etc. and used eachothers quotes against eachother.  I got a great price for what I'm getting. 
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    shanfitzshanfitz member
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    I agree that Jen's advice was great. I really wanted a nice album plus albums for my parents so I asked to reduce the time by an hour to get those instead. It worked. You can also state what your budget is and see if they can work with it. I did that for flowers and got exactly what i wanted. GL!
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    Dee729Dee729 member
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    well spoken Jen...I'm so proud of you!  <tear>
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    Oh D, you know how to work me ;)
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    Jeni10cscJeni10csc member
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    Jen gave you great suggestions.

    My photographer doesn't have an hourly limit so that was BIG to me. 
    Also, I told photographers my price range and literally asked them to work with me.  I would start low-balling by $500 and then ended up just telling them my true budget.  They would help me develop packages based on my "wish list" and then I would say, "what if we don't do ____ and do _____ instead"

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