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jewish wedding question...

hi ladies! i'm jewish, my fiancee isn't but he loves Judaism and is super happy about having a jewish wedding. he wants to know if i want him to wear a tallith though. he said since he's not jewish he's not sure if it's a good idea. but i wanted to get him a beautiful one as a bridal gift symbolizing my faith and his stepping into it...thoughts? please if you don't agree w/ me marrying a non-jew don't harrass me! thank you!

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    I would personally say, do what makes you both happy. I'm guessing you are having a rabbi marry you if you are having a Jewish wedding, so you could also ask them if they are ok with him wearing a tallis during the ceremony. A few thoughts for consideration: 1) is him saying he's not sure if its a good idea his way of saying, he's happy about the Jewish wedding but might not be comfortable wearing a tallis during it? 2) from my understanding (but i could certainly be wrong) typically it is a Sephardic custom for both bride & groom to be wrapped in the tallis during the ceremony. I think if you like the custom and you're not Sephardic, you could certainly do it anyway if your rabbi will do it.  3) If he's not keen on actually wearing the tallis, what about giving him a tallis to use on  your chuppah? It would still be a lovely part of your ceremony.

     My FI doesn't want to wear his (and his parents are getting him a new one as a gift). We entertained the thought of using it as the roof of our chuppah but decided not to. Regardless, Mazel Tov on your Simcha!
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    HI there,
     I am marrying a guy who is not jewish either and we both decided that he will not wear one but instead, we are being wrapped in one at the end during the final prayers. You can get him one and instead of having him wear it, you can use it as a symbol of your coming together as one and him coming into your religion. Just a thought. Also, did you pick the rabbi yet? We are using Jonathan Kaplan out of Coral Springs and he is amazing. I was afraid that while he says he performs interfaith marriages, he would still be unhappy about the idea. Instead he is so loving and friendly and is only interested in making you feel special on your day.
    Good luck!
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    hi ladies! thank you!! we do have a rabbi, and i like the idea of being wrapped in it. i want to use a tallith as the chuppah but since we'll need one a little bigger then a regual one or one i would buy him we will probably borrow. but yeah, maybe using it at the end during the final blessing when we are one is a great idea! thank you!!!
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