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HI and LOW for today! and big CHECKS! :)

So Friday...should be the best day...duh..its FRIDAY!

Last wednesday, I received a phone call from my bridal store..my veil was in and they were going to mail it out by that Friday....perfect.  I set a hair trial for this coming Monday...(wanted to give 7 days to arrive if they did it regular mail)

Called today....been 10 days now....where is my veil?  The lady who originally called me...said, "Oh, your veil....yeah its still here."

WHY? she didn't get around to mailing it!  I was pissed...bottom line, I told her some little white lie about how my hair trial was Monday and the artist is leaving for 6 weeks, so if I don't have my veil by monday for my trial, I just lost my deposit. 
In the end, I'm having it sent 2-day express, so it will arrive at my office Monday morning.

So...that was all day process from 11am-4pm..


AND... my dress and shoes for my BRIDAL SHOWER next Saturday arrived today!  I think this will go well with my sex and the city theme.

Shoes were $25.00 and dress was $30.00.....I love bargain shopping!

good day today!  I'm so happy!

Re: HI and LOW for today! and big CHECKS! :)

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