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Went to the dentist and they had to pull 2 of my fillings out because they had a severe infection at the root.Which is gross I nearly threw up on the denstist...It is a mess!! So now I have 2 holes in 2 my teeth....And guess what? They wont fill them after my EParty....It came down to either go to the party with the holes in my teeth or go to the party missing 2 teeth( because he would have yanked them out)...I am so pissed beyond belief right now.....You cant see them at all,but I know they are there and that alone makes my self concious...I feel like canceling the party :(((
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    Oh, no!  I'm sure no one would ever know.  Feel better!
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    Oh no!!! It's a crappy situation but PLEASEEEEE don't let that ruin your party!!
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    I agree with pp...dont let it ruin ur party..im sure no one will notice :)
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    Oh no.. that sucks. I have so many dental issues :( but try to see if you can go to my dentist if he is close. He is so nice and usually has appointments available.
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    Hope you feel better
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