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Good Morning...

Hi girls, I have been totally MIA because of work. Though I am back in Full Effect, especially since I have this week off because my baby started Kindergarten this year & I took the week off  so I would be able to take her & pick her up, plus I can work on some wedding things with my planner. 

So how is everyones planning going along. I have read many of you have had some exciting checks. I hope to be able to post some this week. 

Plus how crazy is this Hurricane? I hope it's not affecting anyones wedding. 

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Re: Good Morning...

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    cmp1986cmp1986 member
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    Welcome back! Yes I'm hoping this hurricane will just go far away from us.
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    I was just looking at the storm track forecast & Florida is not even in the cone anymore. I feel bad for the Carolinas now because it is supposed to be really strong when it hits them. I also agree that hopfully it's not affecting anyones wedding. What a horrible thing to happen around your wedding day.

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    FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    I think we're pretty clear of the storm thankfully!

    So exciting that your baby is in kindergarten!! Hope you have a great week!

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