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High end caterers in Miami?

Hi all,
I'm getting married at the Ancient Spanish Monastery in April 2012, and we're still searching for a caterer.  Food (and drink!) is the absolute most important thing to me on my day and we're dedicating most of our budget to it. 

Our wedding planner said you couldn't go wrong with Bill Hansen, but unfortunately we were lessed than impressed by the tasting--the canapes tasted like they were left over from the past weekend's event, everything was oversalted, and the main dish was bland.  We were really disappointed as we live half way around the world from Miami and  won't be able to do any more tastings :(

Does anyone have any other recommendations for top notch caterers?  We've received a proposal from Thierry's and will send my mom and MOH to try it out, but is there anyone else we should try???

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Re: High end caterers in Miami?

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