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Candy Bar Question(ssssss) This is a VERY plural "s"

I decided to toss out my hookah bar idea and go with a candy bar :)

As much as I would love to have the hookah bar, I started thinking that it may be too much of a hassle to have them. Someone would have to keep an eye on the charcoals and swapping them out as well as the different flavored tobaccos, and ya know.. not everyone likes it... etc etc etc.

So could those of you who are doing a candy bar point me in the right direction?

Where'd you get your jars? How many jars are you getting? What about the scoops?! Where are you buying the (sweet sweet) candy? How much candy?! What about the baggies for the candies!?!

Too many questions? I sowwy :(

ps. I might be having about 100 people.

pps.  g2g tomorrow!!! Wooooooooo!

Re: Candy Bar Question(ssssss) This is a VERY plural "s"

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    A lot of the girls go to Homegoods and start collecting jars. Others buy from old knotties at the Trash to Treasure board (link in my bio).

    It's a fun thing to do, good luck!
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    I bought mine (jars and scoops) from another Knottie who already used hers. SHe also gave me links of where she bought her candy and how much. I thought I had a picture still of her bar, but I do not. Baggies- you can get from Michaels. I will buy the clear ones and have a monogram sticker or colored ribbon (dont know which one yet) available for them to close the bags....
    NE ways.. She originally bought them at Michaels.. Depending on what style you want you can find plenty there. I looked at what I bought from her at Michaels and I did good.
    I would HIGHLY recommend buying from another Knottie..... Then you can resell them on here and keep passing them on.
      Give me your email address or email me at knjwedd@aol.com and I will send the links for the candies....
       Hope this helps... Kelly
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    From what I've heard, it is recommended you get 1/4 lb of candy per person.
    I'm probably going to do the Chinese take out boxes with our monogram sticker on them. As far as vases, I've found some nice apothecary jars at Homegoods. These are the sites I've been looking at for candy:http://www.bulkfoods.com/
    http://www.candywarehouse.com  and  http://www.acandystore.com

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