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Anyone Use or Know of Cards and Pockets?

I'm thinking about ordering invites from there but wondering if I can get a better deal elsewhere? Also, does anyone know if they print the invites for you at an extra charge?

Any pics or reviews would be great!!

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Re: Anyone Use or Know of Cards and Pockets?

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    i love them. I took advantage when they randomly had a 20% off sale. I have pics in my bio under paper.. I ordered the invites and enclosures from etsy since I can't be bothered with trying to print them myself. I also ordered my monogram and mat to attach to the belly band. 
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    I used them for pocketfolds and envelops. Quick, fair priced, and I screwed up on the color and they were easy to work with when I needed to change it. You can see my invites under my bio >Details>paper

    However, I order the Euro-flap envelops that have a metallic sheen to them. I was going to print the addresses on my home printer. Well, my ink-jet didn't work because the ink didn't fully dry. I even resorted to brushing powder across the ink to try and dry and leaving  it laying out for a few days, but even then it still smudged if I ran my finger across it with just a little bit of pressure.
    I did end up printing them on my moms laser jet printer which worked great... until I started receiving my RSVPs and notcing the the ink was literally flaking off. Maybe it was just my ink? Or just my color? (Opal) But either way, it was sort of frustrating. Not a deal-breaker, I definitely loved the look of the metallic Opal color but I wish they just printed better.

    Overall, I'd recommend them.
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