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:::Kelly (kford_princess):::

Kelly!!! I just saw your screenname on our spring2011 post, and thought, hmmm... I wonder if it's the Kelly I know!!!  And, after looking at your profile, I saw that it is :)

How are you doing?? I haven't seen you in forever!!  Congratulations on your engagement :)  How's the planning going? Do you have venues or other vendors yet?

So crazy that we're both on theknot :)


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    REMY! Hey, how have you been?? I don't think I've seen you since you graduated?

    Congrats on your engagement as well! You and Bryan look happy and so cute together!!!

    Planning is going great. It's nice to finally start doing more stuff since we're getting a little bit closer. So far, we have the wedding planner/ florist, venue, DJ, photographer and I have the dress picked out but I haven't gone back to order it yet. What about you? Bryan's grandfather's place looks AMAZING! It's going to look beautiful. Also, I saw in a previous post you booked Gregory Paul, congrats; I have loved his work from day one and I am a complete stalker of his blog!!

    Not only is it crazy we're both on theknot but it's crazy that our weddings are a week apart :)


    Oh, can you take my last name out of OP pleeeease, JIC.    :)

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    oops sorry about that, didn't even think about it! fixed it! :) 

    I love all the pics of you and Jason! You guys are adorable together!  And, your dogs are pretty cute too ;)

    That's great that you have all those big checks done! I live on Long Island now, but when I was back in Florida at the beginning of the month, I found and ordered my dress, figured out our planner, and met with two photographers.  I'm sooo excited to have Gregory Paul too! I've been stalking his blog forever so it's kind of surreal that eventually I'll have pics up there too :)

    Tell your family I said hi!!
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    Thanks and it's okay!

    Aw thanks; I love my dogs so much! I saw on FB you two just adopted a dog, she is adorable!!

    Congrats on all the big checks. I just looked at your bio and your dress is beautiful. Can't wait to hear more updates!

    I will tell the family you said hi, do the same for me :)
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