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2 Months and MOH update

So I posted last week about my MOH being shady... Well I asked her about if she was getting her hair and makeup done with us, and added I would love for her to be with everyone the morning of, getting ready. She responded that she will find her own place maybe a little bit cheaper. (ok now she makes about 4x the amount of money I do and is using miles for flight and points for hotel, so no big expense there) And there is no one in South Beach that will do it cheaper than my person coming to us! Granted it's her money. So I offered to pay for it and told her it was really important for her to be there... and she hasn't responded!! I am like fuming but it is giving me fuel for the gym

Re: 2 Months and MOH update

  • abellabell member
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    Sorry that you are going through this with your MOH!  I would straight out ask her if there is something going on or something wrong with her - that you are concerned.
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    So I think she is definitely being shady! It seems like its an excuse after another... I too would ask her straight up whats going on. That isn't very nice of her.
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    I agree with G! I would just ask her straight out what's going on. Ask her in a non-judgmental tone. Maybe she will finally open up and tell you what's going on. Better to do it now then be upset on your wedding day. GL Laura!
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    Definitely being shady. I agree with the girls- tell her you suspect something is wrong and ask if she's okay. I'd be upset with her too!

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  • twinkle82576twinkle82576 member
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    I guess there's some sort of shady MOH disease going around.

    So sorry you're having to deal with this. Hopefully she comes clean with whatever is going on and things work out.
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    Ugh! It's one excuse after the next! I would def ask her if there is something wrong and is everything okay??
  • ALIG0107ALIG0107 member
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    Awww... Sorry your going through this. As if you don't have enough stress planning a wedding.
    Though I do agree w/ all the other girls. I would speak w/ her and ask her whats going on & express your feelings.

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    Yea I will wait until tomorrow to see if she responds to me but then I will def ask whats up. Just sad ya know :( You want your MOH to be excited and WANT to hang out with you the morning of!
  • Gissy4857Gissy4857 member
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    I hope everything is ok with the two of you. I know where you're coming from with wanting her there the morning and day of your wedding. Your MOH is such an important person. Definitely taking it out with her might clear the air. GL!

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