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Hey Ladies...Happy Monday....

I ws wondering how far in advance should I hire the florist....I haven't done that yet...I planned on waiting until Feb for my May wedding is that too close??

Also when you booked your florist did they arrange a bouquet or sample for you prior to booking them?


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    I'm also a May bride (May 19) and have emailed back and forth with a few and met with two places. If you go to Field of Flowers they will show you examples by bunching flowers together before you book and I know that most florists after you book do a trial before the wedding (not sure what that includes). I haven't booked because I am still thinking of DIY but I think you may be okay booking in February because you have a Sunday wedding. We are right after Mothers day though!
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    Krysta6Krysta6 member
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    I booked my florist around the 7 month mark. I think Feb might be too late many book up, 2 I wanted to meet with were booked on my date 7 months in advance and a bunch never got back to me. None of the ones I met with did a sample before we signed but I did have get a sample centerpiece before the wedding (which was gorgeous!) Good Luck!
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    I agree with the girls. If I were you I'd start looking into florists now. I booked mine at 7 months. I'm using Rose from Dream Makers Floral. She didn't make me a mock up before I signed, most florists won't. But you should at least be making apts. now and getting prices. Then sign a contract in about 1-2 months. GL!
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    Thanks for the input ladies!!


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