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sigh...the planning began months ago...and still no actual plans

This is my first post...and I just needed a moment to vent.

We decided to have the wedding in Palm Beach County - PGA Blvd. or north.  Of COURSE I extended that to Singer Island.

Sigh - I've looked at most of the venues, Jupiter Beach Resort, Abacoa Golf Club, Hilton Singer Island, Marriot Singer Island....PGA took a MONTH to email me back....

ANYHOW, I fell in LOVE with Marriot SInger Island, but it leaves me with so much less in the budget to play with!  And by play, I mean for EVERYTHING ELSE!  Sigh...I guess I really need to sit down with DF to figure out what is most important.

Thanks for listening, ahem, I mean, reading.  I needed that :)

Re: sigh...the planning began months ago...and still no actual plans

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    cmp1986cmp1986 member
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    Well welcome! The best thing you could do is sit down and see what you want to spend on what. Also see if your venue can play around with your budget not theirs. My venue gave me this ridiculous quote and I told them I could not do that much. Then I told them I didn't wanna spend more than X amount. They came up with a better number that was more budget friendly. Then once I took that amount away from my overall budget, I decided what I wanted to spend on flowers, dress, photography & etc... You need to set your budget to the exact items and stick with it. Hope this helps!
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    I completely understand.  Many of us went through that dilemna too.  You wil figure it out!
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    Teresa9892Teresa9892 member
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    I totally know how you feel.  I'm in the same boat.  I looked at a bunch of places in the Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale area.  I love the Boca Hotel but yikes it is double our budget so no can do.  A lot of the country clubs are off limits because you have to be a member or sponsored by a member.  So frustrating.  Anyone have any suggestions on places in the Boca Raton area of Deerfield/Fort Lauderdale area?

    Our ceremony is going to be in our church in Boca Raton so we need a reception location that isn't too far away. 

    Thanks for your help!
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