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envelope printing question.

So I'm on a mission to really quickly print my wedding invitation envelopes.  Of course, my printer which I'm familiar with took a dump, lol.  And I'm using my best friends which is giving me a headache.  Do you think I should take the envelopes to minuteman press (where I printed my invites) or should I just keep trying?  I just don't want to ruin so many that I have to waste time and order more. I'm just not sure how I would have them pring the envlopes, since I already printed some of them, would I make a list of names?  I can't imagine how much that would cost! LOL

Re: envelope printing question.

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    Try testing it out on 1 envelope.... that's what I did. I printed over and over again on the same one til I got it right.
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    yea that's what I did with a lot of my printing items. Or why don't you do labels, that's what I did. Used white labels and no one said a thing
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    I just tested several times on one envelope until I got it right, like Lynette.

    Also, like Steph said, labels are fine too. You can use clear labels.
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