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NWR: RANT: Day from Hell

Had to drive to Miami today for my final appointment with my oral surgeon. Ran out of gas... Got back on the road. Got there... they were running over an hour late..... Had to keep my mouth open for about 2 hours... 2 fillings and a crown adjustnment... then they took impressions for my new whitening trays (first YAY of the day!) ...... then I find out they forgot to reschedule my cleaning for today like they were supposed to... started to leave and they had a cancellation in 1 hour... so I went to get lunch and my bite was off so it hurt to eat... then got my cleaning with the CaviTron (instrument of torture)... my poor mouth!!!! Then had a 2.5 hour drive home (and 2 lanes were blocked on 95!) ugh...

THEN my FSIL tells me she is coming to my E-party this weekend... then she says,

"yeah but im gonna be honest we may not come because khris is worried about my car and i am still deciding on a rental at this point but trying to see if it fits in my budget this week. plus him and i are fighting right now he told me i cant go. so i will find out tomorrow for sure"

The car is fine to do everything else... like softball and shop...  there are 2 other cars she could use... and she is bailing the night before. She did this for my BM day (when I wanted them all to meet and we went to pick up my dress (first time for them to see it on me) and order their BM dresses (which I gave 2 months notice to do), then lunch and hit a B-expo. It was supposed to be a big fun day, and I ended up so stressed I wanted to cry or hit somethinhg or someone.

Last night we got into a fight because I asked her to be prepared to put her 2 kids to bed by 11pm on Friday night since FI and I have our E-photo shoot at 6:30am on Sat morning and I hae to get up at like 5:00 to get all de-puffy and pretty... and she said, "then i guess we won't come up and stay, because my kids will never go to bed that early." THAT EARLY?" IS SHE INSANE? They are 2 and 5 years old! They should be in bed by 8pm!

I told her in the beginning if she didn't want to be in the BP she didn't have to be (we don't have an even # b/c FI doesn't have another GM) and I wanted to be nice and ask her... but how can she be such a drama queen. I don't want to have to cut her out of the WP, but how much do I have to take? I have enough crap on my plate without her petty sh*t. 

I'm on vicodin and my mouth is not happy right now... but tomorrow is Friday and Saturday  is going to be an exciting and wonderful day when we will be surrounded by awesome people who LOVE us! If she chooses to come, great, if not.... it's her freaking loss.

Thanks for listening... I think the vicodin is starting to kick in. Maybe I can sleeo now! Love ya's!

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Re: NWR: RANT: Day from Hell

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    I'm so sorry sweetie, that this is happening. I know its not easy dealling with family when they are making you upset, but try and focus on the weekend and having a good time.  GL
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    Thanks hun! It's so nice to be able to vent to people who get it. FI just rolls his eyes  and nods. He thinks its wrong too but really what can we do that won't start an all out war?

    But you are right this weekend is more important than any drama she wants to impart.
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