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Need Centerpiece Ideas

Hey girls,

I need some centerpiece ideas that won't cost a fortune.  I was supposed to be sharing them with FSIL, but her wedding got pushed back to after mine so now she doesn't want to let me and her brother use them.  So now we're back to ground 0 with centerpieces!

Re: Need Centerpiece Ideas

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    Are you looking for flowers? We are doing little vases with floating rose petals to keep costs down.
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    You can do tall and smaller vases filled with water and some orchids or other type of flowers inside and candles around it OR a few crystal cubes with different less expensives flowers inside with candles around too....here are some pics

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    Im going to be buying everything wholesale... vases and flowers...if you look at what flowers are in season you can get a good idea of whats going to be cheaper for you... Also Candles added in always add a nice touch and they are cheap....what where you going to use before? that would help with what ideas you have

    btw that was not very nice of your fsil... :(
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    You can always scatter loose blooms on the table...believe it or not, these "candle holders" are actually IKEA drinking glasses in various sizes

    You can submerge entire flowers under water and top them with floating candles

    I really love that the candles are sitting on top of rose petals in these pictures.

    Another variation of the floating candles/submerged flowers idea

    If you're going for more natural, you can use river rocks too.  I'm not too crazy about the gerber daisy pictured, but orchids look amazing when paired with rocks.

    See?  :)

    Definitely use lots of candles to help with the decorating, and go for variety.  Try several different blooms in the same color, assorted shapes and sizes of vases, and different heights of containers.
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