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Totally NWR but lol!

Do any of you watch Ellen? I Tivo it so I watch at night or when I have time randomly...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Mindy her housekeeper! I seriously look forward to her segments the most out of the whole hour!

Told you this was random but I am watching it right now while doing wedding things on my laptop.

Here's some clips...

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Re: Totally NWR but lol!

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    I don't know what this Mindy thing is, but I got to go to her 12 days of giveaways last year, which was awesome!!! (But seeing how scripted the show is made me like the show less). Once I move back to LA I'll start trying to get tickets again. I'd love to go back this December!
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    I would love to go to a show! FI and I wanted to plan a trip to California at some point before we have kids... I would definitely try to fit going to the show in.

    And you went to a 12 days of giveaway??? how awesome!
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