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Bridesmaids gifts and wedding dress

I started shopping for bm's gifts, so far I have bought each of them rings and that is it. I'm definitely going to get the hangers with their names, robes, and something for their hair. Is that enough? What are you gettign your bm's?

I purchased my wedding dress back in January and I had been having second thoughts since I made the purchase. Just the other day I went to try on dresses again and I found my dream dress. So now I  have this other wedding dress that the store wont refund eventhough it's not altered or anything and I don't know what to do with it. I know that if I sell it on Ebay or Craigslist I probably won't even get half of what I paid. Any ideas or thoughts on what to do? I was so stressed before about our upcoming wedding but this new dress changed everything. I feel like a bride in it and it just lifted a weight off my shoulders. Hope everything is going well for everyone.

Re: Bridesmaids gifts and wedding dress

  • I think that's more than enough, they will appreciate it. My wedding isn't until next year, I haven't really decided exactly what I'm getting for my BM's but I think I will do the robe and something else that matches their personality.
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    If you really want the new dress and it really makes you feel special and you  can afford to take the loss on dress # 1, I say go for it! You'll probably regret not having the dress of your dreams if you found it and can afford it. Try selling dress #1 on ebay or craigslist or these wedding boards. A NWT dresses might not take such a hard hit and if it does, can you stomach the loss of the $$, or spend less somewhere else to make up for it?
  • I think that is perfect !

    Since I am having a beach wedding - i was thinking about a personalized tote and blanket or the wet bikini bag that they have at the knot's shop.

    Or robes and a bracelet (nothing expensive)
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