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So being that FI and I are new to the whole florida residents getting discounts on things ... do florida residents get discounts on cruises? ... we are considering doing a cruise for the honeymoon but we are trying to find out all of the ways to save us some extra cash ...


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    Yes, you can get a discount being a FL resident. When you're searching for cruises always enter your zip code. When the search results come back you will see some of them have a resident discount code next to them!
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    Also, book early! Cruise prices skyrocket closer to the date. If possible also avoid college spring break and the very beginning and end of summer on the school calendar. Prices tend to be higher because they know more families/college students are looking for cruises at those times.
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    I've never been able to get a FL resident discount on a cruise but it's worth inquiring.

    ETA: there are some FL resident offerings but they aren't always offered on every sailing.

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    I booked Allure of the Seas and didn't even check!
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    You can get a discount, but like PP stated, not all sailing offer discounts.
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