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timeline help?

Ok so our ceremony starts at 2:00 pm and Im going to assume we would need to be there 1:30-1:45 the latest. But what time should I have everyone ready by? do you think 12:30-12:45 would be good so we can get some pictures done?

Also what time should I have the make-up artist and hair lady there to do mine and everyone's hair? Make-up will probably take like 30-45 mins, and hair Idk. Any suggestions?? Anyone having similar situation??

Thanks girls!!
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Re: timeline help?

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    I'm having similar problems with my timeline - but I'm doing the first look and formal group shots BEFORE my ceremony - so I have to be ready and have my girls ready long before.  So far I know when we start the photos - my MUA gave me estimates for our make up and I havent found a hair person yet.  But I suggest you ask everyone involved for time estimates and go from there.  I'm giving myself a 10 minute cushion for everything but it looks crazy.... I'm going to be ready for a 6:30 ceremony at 3:30?????
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    twinkle82576twinkle82576 member
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    Girls, I'm well over a year away, and I'm already worrying about the day of timeline :/
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    ask your venue for a timeline - mine worked with me to do mine - Also ask the hair and MUA - mine told me what time they would need to be there to make it work :) HTH!
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    clovonneptclovonnept member
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    I'm working on this now. I'm getting my hair and makeup done at 2:15 for a 5 PM ceremony.  My photog shows up for getting ready pix at 2:30, and then the Wedding Party will take pictures from 3:15-4:15.
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    My ceremony is at 4:30 and at 1:30 I'm doing my first look then going to a location for bride & groom portraits........ so I'll be getting my makeup done around 12/12:30pm. 

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    here is the timeline in my "the knot guide to destination weddings" :
    assuming a 5pm  ceremony
    10 am breakfast with parents or bridesmaids
    10am vendor deliveries and set up
    1pm have hair and makeup done for you and your bridesmaids
    2pm bridesmaides get dressed
    2:30 pm personal flowers delivered to bride's room
    2:30 pm groom and groomsmen get dressed
    3 pm photographer reports to bridal area as bride gets dressed
    3:30 bridal photos are taken
    4:15 ushers report to ceremony area
    4:30 ceremony musicians set up
    4:30 brides arrives
    4:40 prelude begins, guests are seated
    5 processional begins
    5:30 ceremony concludes
    5:45 formal portraits session
    6 cocktails
    etc.... if you would like the timeline for the reception please let me know and I'll post it
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