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Hello Ladies!

I was wondering if you guys could help me out.
I want to make a list of different venues and start looking around.
Heres what Im looking for..
-Either something on water front or intercoastal
-Can be Country Club or Yacht Club
-In the Broward area
-Not looking to spend alot of money
-Doing alot of DIY stuff
-Having an outside ceremony and an inside reception

I have a list already but I want to see if you ladies can send me anymore ideas. Our date is March 10, 2013 so I have a little of a year to plan, but I want ot save the place now.
Thank you so much! Wink

Re: Venue Help

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    Check the Vendor Poll at the very top...it is extremely helpful!!!!
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    My suggestion set your budget, look online at places an make appts keep in mind taxes I looked at 4 venues on beach 28% in taxes alone one place on intracoastal 28% on taxes too Def do your research!!!
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