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Wait it out and save?

I'm planning from away and need to do my decor.  I can have my DOC do it, but of course, it'll cost me extra.  I'd really like to save money whereever possible.  I don't work over the summer, so I can spend as much time as I need in Miami and meet with vendors however much I want.  Remember, my date is 11/11/11, so when it comes to flowers/decor, I don't know if I'm risking anything about waiting any longer.

What should I do, wait it out and risk some good vendors not be available on my date?  Or just pay the the planner, it'll cost me, but at least it will get done nicely, professionally, and off of my back. 

The planner is charging me slightly less than $500.  But making trips down to Miami will also cost me (especially with these gas prices!)

Re: Wait it out and save?

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    Are you able to pick your vendor from afar and then just do the proposal for your idea when you're here in Miami?

    Like, pick a vendor based on recommendations, internet reviews, and pictures... then come with your ideas and set up the centerpiece you want on your own, without your planner?

    That way you have your florist, bc they may be taken the closer you get to date and the date is popular, but you still plan the centerpieces without having to pay your planner more?
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    anaroo87anaroo87 member
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    $500 for flowers/decor is inexpensive (depending on what your getting)... not sure if you'd get that anywhere else and your right about the time of driving, searching etc. As they say, time is money. I didn't book my florist until January for my April wedding so of course it's better to get it done early, but it's not impossible to wait it out.
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    Rainbow17Rainbow17 member
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    I'm very tempted to book someone from afar to save money, but I'd really like to see the florists work and look through their portfolio.  I don't have a concrete idea yet as to how I want my centerpieces, so I want to be able to look around. 

    $500 isn't bad at all, but I could potentially save $500, as well, which I would love to do.
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    FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    Honestly, I'd book from afar. Many florists have their portfolio available online and with vendor reviews as well as pictures from previous Knottie weddings, you hopefully would be able to find someone you like!!

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