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AW: my dress / jewelry

I had this picture taken last week (anyone recognize where)? 

The dress is still a work in progress, as you can see by the lace sticking off of the bodice (they pinned it there so they can use it to touch up anywhere on the dress at the end) and the hem is the next step.

I also ordered my jewelry from Adorn today, I am getting the Adkins pendant (http://www.adorn.com/diamond-pendant-necklace-o87.aspx) which I love.

I also ordered the Danielson earrings (http://www.adorn.com/diamond-cluster-earrings-o11.aspx), but I am not as wild about them ... FMIL thinks I should go a little danglier.   I also like these http://www.adorn.com/diamond-drop-earrings-o65.aspx and these http://www.adorn.com/diamond-earrings-o51.aspx

What do you girls think, should I call and request some other ones instead?  I don't want the exact matching ones, but maybe some more dangly ones?
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