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Just wanted to let you know of an experience that I recently had! About 6 months ago I did a Mary Kay class at my house and invited some of my friends bc a photographer was doing Mary Kay part time and she needed to have the classes for a certain amount of people. Therefore, in return, she offered a free engagement session at a location of my choice. We discussed several times that I didnt want to take photos until my braces were removed and she always said "Dont worry, we have time; there is no hurry." Since there was no deadline to take the photos, I kept following up with her a couple of times to let her know the status of my braces removal and her response was always the same: "Dont worry, we have time - let me know as soon as they are removed." We did do the Mary Kay class when she wanted because she had a deadline; so the free engagement agreement was through email and text; of course there is not contract involved bc i thought her word was enough. Forward to this past Friday, I contact her to let her know that my braces will be removed in April and she replies back saying "Sorry, but the pictures had to be taken in 2011, I cannot extend it to this year and besides I have no availability." I replied back and explained to this person that we had an agreement between each other and that she NEVER SAID THE PICTURES HAD TO BE DONE IN 2011. If she would have said that, dont you think I would have taken the pictures, even with braces on, since they were free?? This photographer is not an honest person - she used me, my time, and my friends to get points for her Mary Kay job and will not honor her part of the deal - she is definitely not a woman of her word because she does not follow through with what she says. Dont make the same mistake I did of trusting her because she will have no care for anything and screw you over without any delay...Be careful with Cary Diaz Photography friends, she will have no consideration for you. Her word has no value at all so dont believe in her "deals" because she will get what she wants and then just forget about the other part that she was supposed to fulfill. An honest person will follow through with their word without thinking whether it was done 3, 6, or 10 months from now because that is what being an ethical person is all about. Was she able to tell me why she never mentioned that the pictures had to be taken in 2011? NO, she never replied because she has nothing to back her up because she is a liar that cant keep her word.
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    OMG!!  WHAT A JERK! 

    So many people love her and use her!  I would be soo mad!  I had the issue with Curtis Smith!

    He gave me a free engagement session and avoided me completely until I told him I didnt have a photographer yet.  He is such a jerk!  FOR REAL JERK! 
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