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I am looking for a oceanfront home rental that can be rented nightly or for a weekend in Palm Beach, Broward, or Miami. We want to have a very simply beach ceremony and walk up to the home for a casual 30-40 head pool party reception/BBQ. Anyone know of any places theyve heard of or used? I don't have a pricepoint yet- I'd like to check everywhere out I can. Most vacation rentals I've contacted don't allow parties :(



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    LornaMarks87LornaMarks87 member
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    I am doing the same thing however, Broward county passed a new vacation rental rule that you need to rent a house for 5 days....however, google "vacation homes in south fl" and on tripadvisor they have a bunch listed!....also you will find sites that cater to vaca homes here in south fl! 

    The nice houses range from 400-gosh over 1,000 a night.

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    jmsw143jmsw143 member
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    There is a house that I saw in Homeaway.com that fits the description. I think you can search by Fort Lauderdale and beach view to find it. The house is just North of Sunrise on A1A. I went by it and the renters were having a BBQ. Keep in mind Wedding is a dirty word to most of the people that rent these mansions.
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