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More Reviews!

Here are a few more reivews!

Car: Meilan Limo A
I did a lot of research when I was looking for a good antique car rental company. I found a whole lot of complaints from brides that ended up spending part of their wedding day standing on the side of the road with a broken-down car, and then I heard about Meilan. These people are IT. They have a full time mechanic on site, and I haven't heard a single break-down story about them. Customer service was fantastic, and the day of my wedding they showed up with the wrong car...a Phantom instead of a Silver Cloud. It was a lot bigger and more expensive to rent than the Silver Cloud, but my dress wasn't big, so I wasn't concerned with having such a huge car. Either way, I wasn't about to complain about "accidentally" getting a much nicer car. Our driver was also really nice.

Makeup: Tommy at Mac, Dadeland A
Funny, sweet, and talented. Exactly what every bride wants on their wedding day! It was such a pleasure working with him. He did my makeup, my mom, and my aunt. I was a little concerned since my mom and aunt are older ladies, and I've seen some caked on makeup on older women at weddings before. They both looked beautiful, and my makeup was perfect and lasted ALL night- even after all the dancing. It was great and my face looked flawless all day long...from 1:30 to midnight! Even my lipstick!

Hair: Hair by Alcira A
I was very skeptical about doing anything to my hair. My hair is very thin, VERY straight, and I have a ton of hair, which makes it super heavy and hard to work with. Initially, I was just going to go for something very plain, just a blow dry, but she told me that she could make my hair do whatever I wanted- and she was right! My curls held all night until I washed my hair the next morning. I don't know where she buys her hairspray, but it's magic! And I didn't have stiff, helmet hair.

Photography: Cindy Karp A+
Yes, I already wrote my review for Cindy, but that was before I had received ALL of my photographs. When I wrote the first review, I had only received the selected, edited photos.
Best. Photos. Ever. I can't stop looking at them!

I really did hit the jackpot with my vendors. With the exception of the tux shop, which was an absolute DISASTER, all of my vendors were fantastic to work with.

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