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Faux-dress is in!

My back up dress got here today! For those of you who don't know, FMIL is making me a dress, but I'm scared that she won't be done on time. I bought a dress on recycledbride.com, and it got delivered today!

I was a little scared that either a) it wouldn't fit, or b) I'd like it more than my "real" dress. I was relieved that it does fit (well, except my boobs are too small, but that's no surprise...), and that I felt good in it, and know that I could be happy wearing it, but I definitely don't prefer it over the one that I'm having made.

AND, I'm pretty confident that I can sell the dress for more than I bought it for, so all-in-all, it should work out fine! Very happy :)

I haven't told FI that I bought it...hopefully he won't be too upset. (I have told him that I'm nervous and was thinking about buying one).

Re: Faux-dress is in!

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    Wow!!! That was super mega fast!!! I just remember you posting about "cheating on your fmil" for the dress!  Awesome, it seems like a win-win situation for you.  Let's see some pictures! ;c) 
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    thats great that it fits! It's alway nice to have a backup JUST INCASE! I want to see pics!!!
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    I'm so glad it worked out! I would have bought a dress too! I wanna see pics!
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    [QUOTE]I'm so glad it worked out! I would have bought a dress too! I wanna see pics!
    Posted by rxjen[/QUOTE]
    I would've bought one too!!

    I'm glad it fit well! Now, let's just hope you don't have to use it and maybe can even make a profit off of it!

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    Thanks ladies!

    I would have posted a picture, but my house is super messy right now, and I didn't want you all to see the mess in the background and realize what a disaster I am. I'm planning on cleaning this weekend, so maybe I can take pics after the cleaning is all done!
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