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Reception Venues PLZZZZ

I'm in Palm Beach and I need help plzz with a great venue for the reception...I know I have time (I thinkUndecided...my date is set for July 6th, 2013)...So I have time...but due to the fact its a holiday weekend and I am hearing that vendors will be hiking up the prices....I want to have get as much as soon as possible before the prices go up...(I hope that works)...I am open to different ideas and venues, I am planning a very classy elegant day...Plzz help...thank youSmile

Re: Reception Venues PLZZZZ

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    Hi there and welcome!

    Good for you for starting early-- it pays off. One word of advice: make sure that what you're booking is REALLY what you want!

    Next up: what kind of venue are you looking for? Beach? Country Club? Off beat? Hotel? Garden?

    Once you can tell us that, we can be of more help. Also, check out the "vendor poll" at the top of the SoFla board to see what other girls are doing for their venues!

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    I agree with Faith - a little more info please :)

    Do you want to stay in Palm Beach County or are you open to Broward or even Miami??

    Good job starting early!!
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    Hi guys and thank you for your response; I want to stay in Palm Beach May go as far as Boynton Beach... I don't like hotels I hate the idea of people coming and going who are not involved in the wedding...I was looking for halls where IIl do everything cooking I have a lot of chefs in the family, decorate etc...or  a country club will be my next option. I am new to this and every suggestion will help...I like to learn from every mishaps and good that happen, and I like unusual and different things.

    Thanks guys it means a lot...
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