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It's been a pleasure ladies

I know most of you don't know me.. I've been MIA for quite some time now but I just wanna say that I've made soooo many awesome lifelong friends here and I wouldn't trade my experience on this board for anything in the world. 

Just some advice.. be kind to each other. You're all trying to accomplish the same thing.. an amazing wedding day that no one will forget. On your big day, try not to let anything upset you... there are things that are bound to go wrong, but as long as you are still marrying your significant other, that's really all that matters! Plan and attend G2Gs.... I PROMISE YOU you'll make unbelievable friendships! Who else knows better what you're going through except for other knotties???

So my reign here is over... I have decided to resign since I can't devote my time to this board anymore. I'm sure the future moderators will be wonderful and proactive and keep this board the best board ever!!! 

I'll pop in from time to time... hey, I still have items I have to sell!!!

Good luck to all of you ladies, I hope your days are only the beginning of the best days of your lives! 
:: Lynette & PJ :: 1.22.11 :: For Sale ::

Re: It's been a pleasure ladies

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