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Hello My Knot family... I am totally confused!!! I am in love with the Floriian Ballroom in Pembroke Pines,FL, but there are a lot of mixed reviews. Some people's comments are positive while other's say "don't go there". Did you or anyone you know hold an event there? If so, how was your experience? Are they expensive?

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    if you can avoid it i would .... my company hosts their holiday parties there every year and the food is horrible at best ... wait staff is nasty and have an attitude.... if its time for the next course they just take the plates away regardless if you have ur fork in ur mouth currently eating it ... the rooms are ehhh... in my opinion ... for the price that it is .... there are MUCH nicer places out there .... 
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    I can't comment but I'd take the word of a Knottie over any other review...

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    Ive havent heard anything good about it.... If i were you, I avoid.... the food is awful supposedly.... :/
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    Agree with previous posts... Think about the image you would want people to walk away with... Also, you get what you pay for....       I hope this helps.. Kel
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    Thank you all for the comments. This has really opened my eyes. I knew the pictures were too good to be true. Wink
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