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Confess, ladies!


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    I confess I wish I hadn't been a mini hoarder these past 5 years. I have so much crap and I want to take it all with me to the new house!

    I confess I wish I were back in highschool for a day with my girls. I found a note we passed around during class and my goodness, were we obscene little creatures lol!

    I confess I could kill the contractor we just fired. KEEL.

    I confess I love you girls and TK is one of the things that I look forward to in my day!

    I confess what happened to Patty angered me and I wish things wouldn't have happened that way. Some vendors need a reality check.
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    I confess that
    I got a job and I should be happy about having money come in but really I miss Knotting and being able to go and see Fi. I am not made for a long distance relationship.
    I think our mortgage broker ran away with our money. I havent heard from her in a week and we're supposed to close on the 26th.
    My FSIL is moving out of her parents house next weekend (where i Live) and I couldnt be happier.
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    I confess..

    That I've bee slacking on finishing touches for wedding.
    I MUST get invites printed today.
    That I am PMS and I want ice cream. but can't.

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    I confess...

    I don't really want to go to karate tonight but I skipped Monday so I have to go.

    I really want/sort of need to shed 10 pounds but I haven't been very careful with my eating habits.

    I really need to start exercising but I can't seem to get my act together to kick things off.
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    I confess:

    I weighed myself at the gym yesterday and I almost had a mini heartattack! OMG i weight alot more then I thought :cry::

    Im sore as all helll today because after the scale incident I tried to kill myself with weights and then when I didnt succeed I tried again on the step machine..

    I am not going to buy the dress like I was going to (my brothers paying so he told me soon as I made up my mind he would call them and pay over the phone like the lady told me he could)  but now i want to wait at least another month and see if i can lose some more weight!

    Also about the dress after reading all the Mrs post about trying on a lot of dress I think I should go see more... but my mom thinks imma get overwhelmed with choice..

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    Dee729Dee729 member
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    I confess...

    - that I'm love with my ceremony programs.  My co-worker and I tagged teamed it.

    - I regret not working out last night...

    - I can't believe I'm getting married in October.

    - still have a lot to do with my wedding plans

    - My name is Danielle and I'm a TK addict.
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    bears4lifebears4life member
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    I confess:

    - that I'm just as mad at what happened to Patty and I'm getting annoyed at these contests and the way vendors are handling them (although I'm rooting for my knotties all the way)

    - that I had to hold my laughter in, in a patient's room today. It was really hard to keep a straight face and do therapy. Brain injury patients can say some really inappropriate and funny things (yea I know it's not funny that the patient is injured but trust me you would have laughed too)

    - That I'm extremely overwhelmed by wedding planning and really scared I won't finish everything in time.

    - that I never thought I would make friends on here and I'm so freaken happy that I did.
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    sambrefe67sambrefe67 member
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    i confess:
    - I havent really been on here this week.  Work has been keeping me busy
    - I am super nervous about Fi's job.  He has an interview tomorrow and i think it will be great for him to switch companies ( i hate the one he's at now )
    -I really havent done alot of wedding planning.  I scheduled an appointment with a dj company though, so im happy about that. and I decided i want dark linens but thats about it
    -Im being a copy cat and writing what gabi wrote about friends. I really feel lucky i've met some of you on here.  You're hearts are made of gold and I've been very lucky!!! =)
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    I confes...

    -that 95% of my co-workers are missing half of their brain and it's making my job go DOWN!
    -that i'm addicted to DIY projects. I can't stop thinking about what I'm going to make next. I'm at Michael's or Jo-Ann Fabrics just about every day!
    -that i'm addicted to TK and can't get off of it!
    -that I haven't contacted vendors because I've just been too overwhelmed with everything else.
    -that my FI is the most understanding, caring, awesome person ever!
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    I confess...

    - as much as I would LOVE to go to a knottie G2G, I'm afraid FI will get mad at me. He doesn't like that I'm ok with meeting people from the internet. It's the main reason I'm holding back.

    - I too was EXTREMELY mad at what happened to Patty. So mad that I started to mass comment on the vendor's page. It felt good at the moment, but then I felt a little bad.

    - I'm still very worried about my photographer situation. I'm keeping with studioblue.com and i'm in the process of scheduling our free e-session. 

    - I really REALLY hate being such an anxious person. I need to learn to calm down.

    - I'm maybe thinking I need to see a therapist because I have very random nightmares about my ex. (It ended very horribly)
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    I confess that i want to get everything done now so i can just relax and not have to worry about anything..yeah right
    I confess that it feels like forever and a day till I actually get married.
    I confess that a few of my co-workers  are really starting to annoy me and frequently wish during the day that i could get a private nanny job..but then i wouldnt have tenure..
    I confess that i check everyday the david bridals website to see if my dress has made it to the website.
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