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Coconut Cove?

Has anyone gone to look at Coconut Cove in Islamaroda?  Or have any of you been to a wedding there?  Thanks!

Re: Coconut Cove?

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    I went to a wedding there...  what would you like to know?
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    Anything and everything, how was it? The location, the food, the music, was there other stuff to do in the area?
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    The location is nice... not drop dead gorgeous....  when you first get there it's nothing special.  But once the decor was done it was very nice.  The food was great... no complaints there!  I wasn't in love with the timing of things, the couple and court were introduced, then sat down to eat, then the toasts... after dinner they had their first dance.  It was on the beach with fireworks (very pretty) then the bride danced with her dad and the groom danced with his mom under the tiki where the dance floor was.  I guess they did it that way so it would be dark enough for the fireworks.  Luckily the videographer had portable lights for them and the photographer.  

    Oh....  and I over heard the owner (who also performed the ceremony) asking the photographer and videographer how much the bride paid them.  WTF!!!!!  I couldn't believe he asked!  (Neither of the two replied! LOL!!)

    In my honest opinion it's a nice location, but nothing amazing... just nice.  Oh... and I asked my friend (the bride) and she said they don't have bridal suits... all the rooms are the same size... TINY!!!!  So I guess that's something to consider as well if you plan on getting ready there.  

    If there's anything else you want to ask... just let me know! 
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