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RANT (super long)

UGHHH, I'm annoyed at everything... so here goes....

1.  One of my BMs is really making me crazy. My FI even told me I should kick her out.  He's a bit of an extremist so I don't think it would be necessary but today it sounds like a good idea.  Here's what happened:  I choose the dresses for the BMs back in October, and sent an email to my 3 BMs letting them know all of the info and where they could order the dress.  My MOH lives in Cincinnati so she ordered hers there, one of my BMs went last week and ordered hers and the other - NOTHING!  When my BM went to store to order her dress they told her that they hold the dress order until all of the BMs come and leave their deposits.  So I told my other BM to order it asap because they're holding the whole order.  She said oh, I'll go monday - that was yesterday but she didn't go and hasn't answered any of my calls or texts.  When I called today to check the shipping dates the dress won't ship out from the designer until Feb. 26 and would arrive 4 days later - not giving any time for alterations if needed. So I'm going to have to pay the rush fee for the BM that went on time, and she'll have to pay for her own. I'm really annoyed.  I told her more than a month ago, she's been saying she was going and going and going but never actually goes. 

2- Went to my cake tasting at Ana Paz cakes today - what a disappointment.  I called last week and they told me that you could go in with out an appointment Tuesdays between 10-12.  So I get there and they gave us chocolate with fudge filling (dry and the filling was too gooey) and then her "signature" vanilla rum cake, which wasn't bad but my family has rum cake for every single birthday, anniversary, basically ANY event so I'm really sick of rum cake.  She said we could sub the rum for lemon, hazelnut or some other flavor but they didn't have any to try. How can I sub for something I can't taste?  Then we wanted a square cake - they said no becasue we don't have enough people.  So we said okay a 3 tier circle, she said okay but it's for 55 and you have 62 so you'll have to also get a sheet cake to be cut and that'll be an additional $60 becasue the sheet cake is for a minimum of 15.  I thought my FI was going to explode.  I sent him outside with our daughter, and got the girl to talk to Ana and they are willing to just give us 8 pre-cut slices that are ready to serve instead of making us buy a whole cake.  But we still had to order a lemon cake that we haven't tasted.  I'm just a little annoyed with the whole Ana Paz\Gables Linen family.  I'm going to write some reviews in my bio about the whole thing and the stuff that happened a few weeks back with Gables Linen.  I'm really annoyed.  :x

Sorry that this is so long, I just had to get it off my chest.  I was about ready to explode.

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    adclovesadcloves member
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    I feel your pain with the BM dress. My sister still has not even selected her dress. I allowed my TWO bridesmaids to pick and order whatever dress they want, but... I am still waiting. So do like I do everyday ....TAKE Deep breaths.

    The cake thing... that is what they do. They only make one kind of cake, and if you want to taste something different you pay. Do they make the flavors on any other day? Some cake designers do offer different flavors on different days. I would ask. Hey... you never know.
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    They told me I could've had whatever flavor free to taste if I would've asked, but no one said anything like that to me when I called.  So it was kind of annoying.
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    sadou02sadou02 member
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    Sorry you had to go through this.  It sucks what the BM did.
    Hopefully everything works out with the cake and that the lemon cake tastes really good.
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    twinkle82576twinkle82576 member
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    Sorry about the BM situation. I feel that same way about not one, not two, but three of my BM. I wish I could kick them out of the Bridal Party sometimes.

    And about the cake, I don't really know what to tell you. I've heard really mixed reviews about Ana Paz. Just take a deep breath, and everything will work itself out in the end.
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