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Uplighting & Pinspotting help!

Hi Ladies

Can any of you share your experience with uplights and pinspotting?  I'm having trouble deciding how many to order.  I will have about 15 tables, 1 cake table and 1 sweatheart table (possibly with the bridal party).  The ballroom is about 2900 sq.  I am getting the lighting through the DJ company but I'm in between 2 DJs depending on how much lighting I need.


Thanks :)

Re: Uplighting & Pinspotting help!

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    When I ordered uplighting from my DJ, he told me that 20-25 lights would be enough to cover most rooms evenly. As for pinspotting, I guess you will need 17 lights?

    What companies are you considering?
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    I'm considering the DJ Connection or DJ Ubi.  I don't think it's necessary to pinspot EVERY table but want to know how many is enough. 

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