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Good Morning Girls,

So, I was planning on having my rehearsal dinner at Red Koi on the Mile, however, I'm rethinking that for two reasons: 1) construction will be starting on the Mile this year for some very heavy renovations, and I don't want to deal with the traffic and parking, which is already bad enough, imagine with construction going on; 2) I want to save money - lol.

So, any ideas on what I can do? Our rehearsal is in the Grove, so I wanted to have dinner in the area, but I just don't want to spend that much. My parents house is out 'cause it's all the way in Homestead. And there's really nobody that lives in the area. Help!

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    try Dolores but you can call me Lolita in Mary Brickell Village.
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    Dolores is great but it's also very expensive! I wish I had some suggestions, I just don't know the area. Good luck!!
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    My rehearsal was near the Gables and my rehearsal dinner was at Shorty's in Doral because they have a nice size room for a private party (we had close to 40 people). My in-laws and I love eating at Shorty's and it was a great option because it's very inexpensive, I'm not sure how much they paid, but I don't imagine it was more than $11 pp. We had skirt steak, fries or potatoes, cole slaw, and dessert. HTH!

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    oh i love shortys yumm...

    here are some i could think of

    Havana Harrys
    Montys on the Bay
    Scottys Landing
    Crazy Pianos (food is actually pretty good)
    Las Culebrinas
    RA Sushi At Sunset Place
    Outback At Sunset Place
    Dan Marinos at Sunset Place

    ok thats all the ones i can think off im sure there are more :)
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    Shorty's BBQ is awesome & cheap- that is what I am doing for RD. Maybe get it catered and have a picnic at one of the parks (Peacock or Bayfront). 

    Scotty's Landing is also another cheap, great option. 

    Johnny Rocket's
    Cheesecake Factory in the Grove
    Jaguar's (slightly more expensive)

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    Our rehearsal is in the Grove also and we choose Perricone's near Mary brickell village, it's only 3 miles away from the Grove. Nice spot and good food, and the price wasn't bad ($30 pp)
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    Check out Berries in the grove
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