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I had an extremely busy Birthday weekend with lots of fun in the sun... camping at quiet waters, waterpark fun at cb smith and a beach bbq for Mothers Day :)
It has been nonstop with no sleep. Not to mention I went to Running of The Brides Friday morning and I got her!!! Everything feels very real now!
We arrived late at about 7am and ended up in the very end of the line. We casually walked in at 8am, it was a lot calmer than I thought it would be. I went with my mom, FI's sister and my BFF (FI's cousin). I ran to a rack and handed my BFF dresses. Her and FI's sister started a pile closeby which I hovered over and within 3 minutes the racks were completely cleared. We had about 20 to 30 dresses in the pile. I halfway tried on one because I felt I should be doing something and quickly took it off. We weeded out the whole pile because I was very particular and knew exactly what I wanted. In the 2 minutes it took to do this FI's aunt and another friend of mine ran in. I handed my friend a "wanted" ad my BFF made and she quickly took off. Dresses were starting to go back on the racks and not even 5 seconds later she was back with "the dress". As I was tying it on everyone came back with the same dress I was trying on. Before I could even walk to a mirror I had a camera man in my face with a video camera, complete strangers telling me I looked beautiful and my girls huddled around me. I took one look in the mirror and knew it was the one. It fit like a glove! After taking a million pictures in it, my girls and I helped a another bride we met in line. Everytime I saw a dress I liked, it was the same one! Guess it was meant to be. We switched out my dress a couple times until we found one with no snags or stains. Mine looks like it was never taken out of the bag. It is perfect! PICS IN BIO :) I have an appointment with Reina this Friday!!! I'm looking to take the flower off and customize my own, turn the neckline into a sweetheart neckline and chop the train off completely since we're getting married on a restaurant patio. Sorry this was so long... I am just way too excited and had A LOT to say! I am so glad I went and we had a ton of fun. The other girls weren't really that bad unless you started eyeballing their dress. They did give dirty looks lol I told one girl "Geez, I'm just looking, not like I'm going to snatch it off of you"! Overall everyone was really nice and if anyone is interested in going to the next one, I will def go with you!!! Thanks for letting me share!


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