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Can't figure out colors - frustrated!

I want purple uplighting in the rotunda.  I would like gold chivari chairs and gold chargers.  I just want everything to be purple and candle lit for my reception - no other kind of lighting.  So I guess that means my colors are purple and amber/champagne.  I'd like to have the cushions of my chairs to be purple, and the napkins also, but the table cloth to be champage/amber.  Additionally, I want led lit vases, I won't go with purple lit vases, because the color would just get lost with the uplighting, but maybe an amber color.  When choosing a centerpiece, I don't know if I should make the flowers all purple or to add some color.  What would look better?  Purple uplighting with all purple flowers, or purple uplighting with a mix of colors (mostly purple).

Hope this is making sense...

Re: Can't figure out colors - frustrated!

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