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My time has come!  This moment is very surreal.  I do not feel like I'm getting married tomorrow.  It is probably because it just feels like such a natural step for Luis and I to take in our relationship that I'm just ready!  It still hasn't hit me yet! 

Eventhough I'm not big on posting and I don't have a bio (well, published link to it) I'm on theknot.com every day.  I hate how in the whole planning process every GTG planned was on a day/time/location not convenient for my schedule on that date/time and I never got to meet any fellow knotties.  Anyway, just because I'm in the shadows, it does not mean that I don't know most of the details of the weddings of the girls on here.  I am excited for your AW posts and your checks!  I also hurt for you when things don't go our knottie way or when girls have to deal with difficult family situations.

With that said, I've enjoyed sharing this process with the wonderful group of girls on here.  My wedding and my sanity would not have been the same if it weren't for the SoFla board and the girls on it. Thank you for the support and help you've given me over the last year and 26 days since I got engaged.  I won't do personal shout outs because I think this takes away from the collaborative nature of this board. 

For the planning process, my best recommendations include: love your family, even when they annoy you.  Families will suggest random stupid stuff for your wedding, but that doesn't mean you have to crush their ideas.  Next, love your husband.  Get to know him thru this process.  Work as a team and involve him as much as he wants to be involved.  It isn't just your day, it is both of your days so make sure he is able to get a say and sometimes his way in this wedding; it is his wedding too. Finally, don't sweat the details.  At the end of the day, you will be married.  As long as you have someone waiting for you at the end of the altar, an officiant, and a marriage license, everything else is icing on the cake.  Make this experience about your marriage, not about your wedding.

With that said, I will see you on the other side!  Congrats to all the new knotties and the alread married knotties that I "met" when I first logged on to the knot.  I will be back to share reviews and advice.  Feel free to facebook me at c.sanda@umiami.edu.

I am off to bed.  Tomorow I will become the wife of the man I've loved for the last 8 years.  The man who brings out the best in me, who understands me, and who knows how to handle me.  He's been there thru my bachelor's, thru pharmacy school, and thru residency.  I am now ready to start my life with him now that my education is over and make him, not the books, my priority.  I can't wait to continue our lives together, but as husband and wife thru the sacrament of holy matrimony!

Good night Knotties!  I'm ready to get my married on!


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