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favor ideas?

I bought these jars from Ikea, and was planning on doing a "dessert in a jar" for our wedding favors in December. But the more I think about it, the more I'm sure I won't want to be baking and trying to figure this out when the wedding gets closer.
So, any ideas for favors with these jars? I was thinking hot cocoa with marshmallows and a cute little note or something, but what if its hot that day? you guys know how Florida weather is lol
Then I thought m&m's in our colors (black & white and red) and since my FI's last name starts with M it would be perfect, but I'm not so thrilled with the simplicity of it :(
So any ideas? Something cute, but not super expensive :/

Re: favor ideas?

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    Glad you are looking at edible favors. That's the most liked type. The hot cocoa and the M&M ideas are both cute. What do the jars look like? How big are they? Could they be used as candy bar treat holders for each guest in place of bags? Not sure?
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  • I think candy works best with those type of jars.....m&m's may be simple, but you really can't go wrong, who doesn't love m&m's?
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    Yeah M&M are perfect for those.
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    The old link was showing a different picture because they went out of stock, but these are it http://m.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/art/40064702/
  • Candy would be perfect for the jar;)
  • Instead of favors, we booked the Donut Divas and had them fry and distribute hot fresh donuts to guests in our personalized baggies. Our guests loved it, and it was way better than giving them each a little trinket (cause let's face it, those go straight to the junk drawer when the guest gets home)!
  • I was not able to view the picture on the link provided, if they are big enough you can use them as candy jars, I'm going to have a candy bar at my wedding, with a varitey of candies my guest can choose from and I believe on theknot.com in the shop area you can personalized lables to place on your jars, with your names and date of wedding. I was thinking of use plastic bags, but these jars might be a nice idea too. GL
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    Mmm Donut Divas!

    I acutally just wrote a whole post on rim salt/sugars for work after seeing an Etsy Vendor on Emmaline bride. But since you already have the jars, why not go the DIY route and make a gourmet rim salt or sugar? If you and groomie love bloody marys you could do smoked salt, paprika, cayenne, etc. Or if you love mojitos/caprinhas a lime flavored sugar (I'm sure you can buy in bulk, I'm not sure how to lime-ify sugar without it melting). And along the same lines as the buying bulk sugar you could do a vanilla flavor if you guys love fancy coffee.

    Then print out labels at home for the lids that say "hope you had a bloody good time" or your monogram, or a cute "sweet" pun if you did one of the sugar ideas. It's probably something you could do a few weeks in advance, rather than baking or putting together 100 mini jar desserts right before the wedding!
  • If you think that maybe M&Ms are boring, you could order bulk candy from somplace like candywarehouse.com. You might even find a local shop that sells different kinds of candies. And then you could decorate the tops with bow ties or a little veil. Might be cute! Good luck!
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