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Hello all...
 I am wondering if any of you have had second thoughts on your choice of photographer? I have recently read some negative reviews of my photo/video choice. Im kinda out of luck when it comes to my deposit. I did the research before and thought all was well until these negative reviews.

I want to get out of my contract with possibly getting some of my money back. Any suggestions on how to handle this???


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    If the contract states that your deposit is non - refundable, I don't think there's much you can do.

    Just remember, there will always be some bad reviews on virtually any vendor you go with. Everybody has a different experience, and it will not always be a positive one. If you were sure of your choice when you made it, and you clicked with this vendor, go with your gut.
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    I did. I booked my photographer when I was on a tighter budget. I thought a better photographer would be more expensive. But I found out that isn't the case. I talked to my husband about it and he said you booked her because you liked her and you did your homework. Just because someone is more expensive doesn't mean they are better. Which is completely true. When I was planning I questioned everything. I was so happy with my photographer and I was very happy with her. Reviews don't always mean everything. Everyone has different experiences.
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    I hired and fired 3 photographers before my wedding. I just knew something wasnt right and I am in love with my pics now. There are some pics I wish we wouldve gotten but that could happen with anyone and its my fault I didnt make a must take list.
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