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Lots of Checks and Pics! (LONG)

Hello sunshines!!
As of today, we 03.12.2011 knotties are 3 months away!!

I have quite a bit of things to update you all on!

**Suits vs. Tuxes**
So I went to Men's Wearhouse with FI, his BM and one of his GM a few days ago to look at Tuxes. While in the store, FI says screw the tuxes, If we're gonna spend $100+ to rent a tux, let's all just buy a suit that we can keep! He called all his GM and they were fine with it. FI fell in love with a really dark charcoal suit so I think they're going to go with that. 
We also went to Macy's to look at shirts and ties and we found the perfect tie for the GM that wasn't too shiny red. (I went back and bought them yesterday to give to them as their GM gift.)

I looked online for the closest thing that resembles what they liked.
(pretend the undershirt is ivory and the pocket square isn't purple. lol)

**Bridal Shower!!**
FMIL picked a date (Jan.29) and we ordered the invites earlier this week.  Weeee!

**Floating bowls for the pool**
I found the perfect bowls for my pool decor inspiration. I bought 14 and spray painted them gold on the inside. Check them out! (Sorry some are sideways)

Inspiration pic::
Floating in my test bowl. lol
(I might use floating candles instead)

**Bathroom Basket**
Bought the basket and frame at Michael's  :)

**Mother Gifts**
I bought matching necklaces from Macy's during their Friends and Family sale. Still gotto figure out the dad gifts. (any ideas?)

I bought a ton of candy but still have more to go. 
The guest list is somehow continuing to grow, which means I may need to buy extra favors and stuff for the tables.

Stress is definitely mounting, even on FI. :(
He's told me to not do any wedding stuff for at least a week, not even talk about it. He's getting super annoyed, but it's really difficult to stop thinking about it, especially when we're kinda in the home-stretch. Boxes of stuff have taken over the computer/2nd bedroom. 

We're taking a MUCH needed vacation this coming weekend to Orlando. Hopefully that'll help take our minds off things.

Thanks for letting me share girls. Sorry this was a long one!

Re: Lots of Checks and Pics! (LONG)

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