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Reception card?

what information is to go on the reception card? My invitations dont have a card for the reception, so i would have to provide one. My mom and I were thinking just a business card that we can throw in there with the information on it. Also when looking at the template online its unfortunately in word, and on my laptop and my moms computer we have vista which doesnt have word. So we are gonna have to update to windows 7...

Re: Reception card?

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    just an fyi .. vista and windows 7 are operating systems... microsoft word is a program (part of the MIcrosoft office suite) so you can buy Microsoft word or the office suite (which would have excel, powerpoint, etc.) and just install it on your computer. You don't have to get Windows 7 (unless you want to of course) but the Windows 7 you buy may just come with a trial version of Microsoft office so make sure you check.
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    If you dont want to buy the Microsoft Suite as suggested above.  You can download a trial version and use that temporarily to complete your invites.  I did that once.
    I personally would steer away from having the reception listed on a business card.  Usually the business cards are reserved for photo as I have noticed from looking at several blogs.

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