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Bridesmaids gifts

I am conflicted.
I have 3 bridesmaids and 1 maid of honor. We all aware of my liking for Tiffany & Co, (my colors are tiffany blue, white, and tangerine), and initially I wanted to give my girls a neckalace from Tiffany's. Its a little out of our budget but I am still willing to do it. My other option is getting them each a bag of items; for the bag I would use a monogrammed make-up bag, put in jewelry to wear for the wedding, a "bridesmaid" tank, etc.
Which would you do? What are you doing? 

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Re: Bridesmaids gifts

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    im doing a tote,bridesmaid tank,michal negrin earings,and something else idk yet
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    I did a personalized tote with a "spiffany" necklace, bottle of perfume (each got a fragrence I thought they would like from bed bath and beyond on super sale), a BM tank, purse valet and mini spa kit (facial mask, gel eye covering thingy, mani/pedi kit)
    I got the necklaces from TK store - they were really nice quality as a matter of fact - I got one with two hearts and did the initials of the BM and her BF (or husband/fi etc.) and for my girls with kids I did the initials of their babies~ it worked out because they only have two each... lol
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    "spiffany" is the cutest thing i've ever heard of.
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    i forgot to respond :

    I did a different gift for each bridesmaid because I am type-A and crazy.  So my MOH has always wanted a locket- got her that.  My two best friends from high school cute notebooks from etsy because we all collect cute notebooks.  For my sisters and FIL we bought them this "pearl and grace" necklace.  Everything was from Etsy.  They have really great deals on wedding party gifts though- I will say that.

    Oh, and for the moms and grandmothers we got them personalized hankies.  also from etsy.

    Good luck :)
  • Lacey36Lacey36
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    I am also doing Tiffany blue color and love Tiffanys also. I wanted to get my girls something from Tiffanys as a gift too but realized it was out of our budget. So I did monogramed totes, scrabble pendant necklaces from etsy, purse hanger, body wash and lotion, wine glass,and wine bottle. For my maid of honor Im still debating if I should get her another something else or not. I am getting her regular sized wine bottle and special wine glass where the girls will only get a little bottle. You can maybe get your MOH something from Tiffanys and something else for the rest of the girls. HTH
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    Mmm, I did the necklaces when I asked them to be my bridesmaids.

    And the day of (or night before, whatever lol) gift will be ... I am not sure. Okay, I suck at this lol.
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    OKAY! Now for some real advice lol.

    As a bridesmaid I'd appreciate more Tiffany's jewelry than a tote, that's my opinion. That is not to say I wouldnt be thrilled with a tote with goodies! But, I would wear the necklace more often than the tote, and would always remember that necklace as my friend who got married. Am I making sense? lol.
  • Dee729Dee729
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    I would have loved to get them Tiffany necklaces...but I also have 8 freaking BM, so I can't afford that what-so-ever...

    So...I am giving them:
    - swarovski initial charm that will be used for their bouquets and then I will give them the keychain so they can use it for everyday
    - customized spa towel wraps with their two favorite colors
    - customized small cosmetic bags with their initials on it in their favorite colors
    - some little goodies to fill the cosmetic bags

  • sambrefe67sambrefe67
    edited December 2011
    i got each girl a tote with their names on it, flip flops in green for the reception if their feet hurt.  Im also thinking of possible paying for their makeup, making a shirt for each one.  giving them hair flowers for the day of.  My MOHs ( i have two)  Ill probably get the two fo them pearl necklaces to wear for the day of. 

    Would I love to have a tiffany necklace from my best friend of course! BUT if i knew, she spent so much money on her wedding, i dont know how i would feel. especially if i knew it was out of budget.  I wouldnt want my best friend to struggle because of a gift for me.  I just do not see the point.  I would rather get a tote fileld with goodies and her life be easier.  does that make sense (not saying a necklace could make or break someone lol)
  • albeattyalbeatty
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    Thank you all for your responses!
    I liked the idea of getting the tiffanys neckalace for my MOH. She is staying at my house, so I think I'll also give her a tote of items and leave them as welcome gifts on her bed. And for the BM's I will give them some small monnagrammed items and some piece of jewelry to wear for the wedding.
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