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OMG Its been soooo long I almost forgot how to post! (Looong)

Hi ladies, I just wanted to pop in and give a few updates on my crazy life. :)

1. I have a Day of Coordinator! Our very own Natalie is going to be helping me out! How amazing is that? I knew I liked this girl the moment I sat down next to her at the last G2G and showed her my bustier! hahah! Can't wait to meet up with you, Natalie. 

If you haven't already done so, be sure to vote for her and her honey in their contest to win Wedding Photography! 

2. Worked my crazy event, so now I can FINALLY focus on MY WEDDING!!

3. My B-Party is this weekend!!! Yay!!!!! If anyone wants to show up at Renegades. I will be there around 11pm!

4. I just ordered my Guest Book from Picaboo. Cost me a whopping $8.99 in shipping. 

Don't forget that coupon, FREEBK, ENDS tomorrow 8/31 !!!!!! It's a $39.99 Value! USE IT TONIGHT!

5. I got my first 2 "Decline with Regrets" today. FINALLY!!!! Thank the lord! 

6. I worked 21 hours of Over time this weekend. I am beyong exhausted, and I am fighting to stay up to 9, so I won't wake up at 4am!!

7. We got our passports!!! I applied for them AFTER the CPK G2G... so that took less than 3 weeks, in case anyone is in the same boat and worrying. You DO NOT need to pay the extra $60 to expedite them.

Ok, I guess that is enough for now. I miss you ladies more than you know... but my sanity is hanging on by a thread and I am trying to get everything accomplished. I promise to try to get on more!

Love ya!!!

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Re: OMG Its been soooo long I almost forgot how to post! (Looong)

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    Dee729Dee729 member
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    great checks! 

    I feel soo bad I can't be there for your special day...but I'm so glad Natalie will be able to step in....we had starbucks last week and chatting about your big day!!!

    I'm sooo excited for you Jen!  you are so close!

    I just got my photobook today!!  I reminded the knotties this morning....thank you for sharing the coupon code with me!  I used all the pictures from my bridal shower for the book...came out awesome!
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    Did you get my E-vite for this weekend? If you can't make it, it's ok, but it would be cool to see you again before my life officially becomes insane!!!
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    bears4lifebears4life member
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    Jen I'm soooooooooooooooooo excited for you! I can't believe how close you are. Natalie is amazing. I <3 her!

    I miss you on here, glad to hear all the great updates!!!
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    Yes for regrets!! I would like 25, just saying! Can't believe you did 20+ hrs of overtime, hope you are getting some rest.

    Can't wait to be there for you on your day and meet with you soon!! <3 I'm glad I could help you, Dee and I have your back! It's going to be so fun seeing you experience your big day!

    26 days, wow...I'm so excited for you! Congrats on all your checks love, hope this weekend is the best! :)

    Gabi, <3 you too!!! You are wonderful, let's hang out soon!
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